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Telecom Platform

You’re moving fast
and so is technology.

It wasn’t so long ago that flip phones were new and exciting. Now everyone wants a smartphone, they’re actually affordable, and you need to handle all the complications of that shift.

Our software gives you superpowers in the face of technological change, by connecting you to the people who matter most: Your customers.

Customer management software,
built just for you.

Maintain a connection to your customers

Slash the cost of customer support

Diagnose hardware issues that would make customers return their phones
(nobody likes RMAs)

Learn what your customer actually wants

How we do it.

UpChannel Connect is a custom app and a web-based dashboard.


Our app provides your customers live support, personalized content, smartphone education and more. It also collects useful data and funnels it back to you — so you can better understand your customers.


Our web dashboard lets you run device analytics; remotely diagnose issues; gather geographic and demographic data; and up-sell accessories, insurance and more.

UpChannel does good things for your bottom line.
For example...

Save 35% on support costs, because our platform lets a single support representative handle multiple conversations at a time.

Reduce returns by 50%, because most RMAs are actually software issues that can be solved remotely.


Mark Krolian
With UpChannel we reduced our RMAs by 55% in the first year.
Mark Krolian,
Product Manager @ Posh Mobile
Isaac Rubinstein
Our company touches multiple points in the value chain. We needed a flexible solution to address our dynamic needs. UpChannel’s API provided us with the desired flexibility and extensive interface options for seamless integration with our in-house systems.
Isaac Rubinstein,
CTO @ PCS Wireless
Dov Brafman
UpChannel delivers reporting and analytics through a simple and intuitive portal. We now understand our customer base on a deep level previously not possible.
Dov Brafman,
President @ SHARKK
Marcelo Dasilva
UpChannel gave us so much helpful data, like where our phones were activated and by which carriers, as well as how our phones were being used.
Marcelo Dasilva,
Director @ Hyundai Mobile
Mario H. Ego-Aguirre
UpChannel's live chat lets us talk directly to our customers, and that reduces RMAs -- and makes them (and us) happier.
Mario H. Ego-Aguirre,
Managing Director @ TM Wireless

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